T6613 CO2 Module

T6613 CO2 Module

Compact CO2 Module Designed to Integrate Into Existing Controls and Equipment

The Telaire T6613 single channel CO2 Module is designed to meet the volume, cost, and delivery expectations of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

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  • An affordable gas sensing solution for OEMs.
  • A reliable sensor design based on 15 years of engineering and manufacturing expertise.
  • Flexible CO2 sensor platform designed to interact with other microprocessor devices.
  • Eliminates the need for calibration in most applications with patented ABC Logic software.
  • Lifetime calibration warranty.


Small, Compact CO2 Module Designed to Integrate Into Existing Controls and Equipment The module is ideal for customers who are familiar with the design,integration, and handling of electronic components. All units are factory calibrated to measure CO2 concentration levels up to 2000 ppm. Telaire dual channel sensors are available for higher concentrations.


Method Non Dispersive Infrared (NDIR), gold plated optics, diff usion or fl ow through sampling (with Telaire’s Patented ABC Logic Self Calibrated Algorithm)
Measurement Range 400 to 2000 ppm
Dimensions 2.25 in X 1.365 in X 0.60 in
(57.15 mm X 34.67 mm X 15.24 mm)
Accuracy* 500ppm ±35ppm
800ppm ±60ppm
1000ppm ±75ppm
1200ppm ±90ppm
Accuracy shown at nominal operating temperature*
Temperature Dependence 0.2% FS per °C
Stability < 2% of FS over life of sensor (15 year typical)
Pressure Dependence 0.135 of reading per mm Hg
Calibration Interval < 5% of FS or <10% reading annual
Pressure Dependence Not required
Response Time < 2 minutes for 90% step change typical
Signal Update Every 4 seconds
Warm Up Time < 2 minutes (operational)
  • 10 minutes (maximum accuracy)
Operating Conditions
  • 32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C)
  • 0 to 95% RH, non condensing
Storage Conditions -40°F to 158°F (-40°C to 70°C)


Digital UART @ 19200 Baud (Please call for detailed product specifi cations).
Analog 0.8 to 4 VDC
Power Supply Requirements 5 VDC regulated (±5%)
Power Consumption • 0.90 watts peak • 0.165 watts average
Interface Connections Designed for 12 pin male header with 0.1 in (2.54 mm) spacing. Header not included.
Flow Rates (Via Flow Ports) Flow through version 40 to 50 cc/min
Warranty Terms 12 months
* Handling and OEM assembly may aff ect factory calibration. Specifi ed accuracy is after 21 days of continuous operation with ABC Logic.


Pin Designations


Automatic Background Logic, or ABC Logic, is a patented self-calibration technique that is designed to be used in applications where concentrations will drop to outside ambient conditions (approximately 400 ppm) at least three times in a 14 day period, typically during unoccupied periods.
*Full accuracy to be achieved utilizing ABC Logic. With ABC Logic enabled, the sensor will typically reach its operational accuracy after 25 hours of continuous operation at a condition that it was exposed to ambient reference levels of air at 400 ppm ±10 ppm CO2. Sensor will maintain accuracy specifi cations with ABC Logic enabled, given that it is at least four times in 21 days exposed to the reference value and this reference value is the lowest concentration to which the sensor is exposed. ABC Logic requires continuous operation of the sensor for periods of at least 24 hours. Note: Applies when used in typical residential ambient air. Consult GE if other gases or corrosive agents are part of the application environment.

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