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SM-PWM-01C is a dust sensor that detects the dust particle concentration in air by using optical sensing method. An infrared light emitting diode (IR LED) and a photo-sensor are optically arranged in the device. The photo-sensor detects the reflected IR LED light by dust particles in air.

The SMART Dust Sensor can detect the small particle like cigarette smoke and it can distinguish small particles like smoke from large house dust by pulse pattern of signal output.

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  • Compact size, light weight (about W59x H46x D18 mm, 20g)
  • PWM (pulse width modulation) output (Low pulse output)
  • Enable to distinguish small particle of cigarette smoke from large particle of house dust
  • Constant forced air convection flow by heater resister in dust sensor
  • Lead free and RoHS directive compliant
  • Minimum particle size can be detected over 1μm
  • (House dust size: avg 20μm, yellow dust size: avg 20um, cigarette dust size: avg 1μm)


  • Detection for dust in the air, Indoor Air quality monitoring
  • Air cleaner, Air purifier, Air conditioner
  • Outdoor dust monitoring with the IAQ monitor special mechanical design for customer
  • Smoke type Fire alarm application by different sensor adjustments (customer option)


Electrical Characteristic

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Supply Voltage Vcc -0.3 to +7.0 V
Operating Temperature Topr -10 to 60 °C
Storage temperature Tstg -30 to 80 °C

Operating Supply Voltage and Signal Output (Ta=25 °C)

  1. * Input impedence 200 kΩ, Pul-Up 10 kΩ, recommended 30 sec moving average of output signal
  2. * To stabilize heater resister and air flow in dust sensor
Supply Voltage Vcc DC 5 ± 5%, Ripple <100mV V
Current Consumption Icc < 90 ± 10% mA
Signal output P1, P2 Negative Logic ouput Pulse
Power up time *1 90 *2 Sec

Recommended Operating Temperature/Humidity

  1. * Dust Sensor can detect the micro size water droplet, like fog and mist, as particles

Do not use the dust sensor in high humidity environments as the humid air is under submicron size and the dust sensor cannot differentiate this.

Operating Temp. / Humidity -10°C ~ 45°C, < 85%RH *1 °C, %RH

Internal Schematic


P1: small particle (1 ~ 2µm ),
P2: large particle (3 ~ 10µm)

  • SM-PWM-01C dust sensor cannot count particles or measure quantitatively; the size is only for reference


Standard connector (SM-PWM-01C)

Connector Part No.SymbolDescriptionMaker
Connector A2512WR-5P 2.5mm pitch

Pin Configuration

NumberSymbolPin Description
  • Please refer to the drawing for pin sequence.
  • For P1 and P2, do not need to external pull up resistor, internal pull up resistor is 10k.
1 GND Ground, Connect with System ground
2 P2 Low pulse Signal output (P2) of large particle, active low
3 Vcc Input Supply voltage
4 P1 Low pulse Signal output (P1) of small particle, active low
5 RX  
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