Industrial Assemblies - Temperature Sensors & Probes


One of the most comprehensive ranges of products in the world today are offered in the category of measurement and sensing products driven by temperature technologies. These include high temperature thermistors, gauge drivers, sensors, and elements. Amphenol Advanced Sensors provides solutions to temperature sensing challenges faced by the various industry segments - such as medical, automotive, and telecommunications - across the globe.

Industrial Assemblies | Temperature Sensors & Probes

new Inline Flow-Through Temperature Sensors 
Monitor the temperature of a fluid that passes through it.

Harsh Environment Chip Thermistor
NTC Type CR-1 harsh environment chip thermistors from Thermometrics® are Sn-coated Alloy 52 leads with high performance acid and moisture resistant coating.

Cable Probe Temperature Sensors
Cable Probe Temperature Sensors are designed for industrial HVACR applications, typically strapped directly to the measurement surface or positioned in a ‘dry well’.

Self-Adhering Surface Temperature Sensors
Self-Adhering Surface Temperature Sensors are designed for industrial HVACR applications, typically for placement on the external wall of a water tank or boiler reservoirs.

Pipe Clip Temperature Sensors
Pipe Clip Temperature Sensors are designed for industrial HVACR applications with the ability to mount directly to a metallic pipe

Type S/AS/ES Precision NTC Temperature Standards
Our temperature standards consist of ultra-stable thermistor probes assembled into thin wall stainless steel housings with shielded extension leads.

Type CSP NTC Temperature Standards
The Type CSP Temperature Standards are ultrastable probe thermistors which have been calibrated to an accuracy of 0.01°C.

NTC Type FP Fastip Probe
The NTC Type FP Series Fastip Thermoprobes are ideally suited for high speed measurement and control of fluid temperatures, fluid level or flow.

Meat Probe
The meat probe sensor is used to measure the temperature of cooking foods. Suitable for home appliances and microwave ovens.

TYPE M6000
Rugged sensor consisting of a machine screw that can be fastened into drilled and tapped holes.

NTC chip thermistor with insulated flexible wires and housed in an eyelet tag.

Amphenol Thermometrics Waterproof IP68 Temperature Sensors

Waterproof IP68 Temperature Sensors | Types JI/JIC

Thermometrics Waterproof IP68 Temperature Sensors include Types JI and JIC NTC Thermistors are molded onto a flexible circular cable with the option of a stainless steel housing.

NTC or PTC chip thermistor on a ceramic/metal shoe assembly sealed in a polymer housing and provided with flexible twin cable connections.

NTC Type JM Resin-Coated Thermistor
Glass-encapsulated thermistor housed in a resin tip which is bonded to zip PVC leadout wires.

NTC Type JB Oven Sensor
Glass-encapsulated thermistor housed in a stainless steel probe body with PTFE leadout wires, terminated with a connector assembly.

NTC Type JD Fast Response Sensor
NTC thermistor assembly in a metal housing with flying wires.

NTC Interchangeable Type 95 Series
Epoxy-coated, NTC interchangeable thermistor chips with bare tinned-copper lead wires.

Mid-Temperature Range Probe
This probe works in a variety of temperature applications in the appliance and industrial segment.

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