Self-Adhering Surface Temperature Sensors


Amphenol Advanced Sensors has a breadth of high volume core temperature sensing products for Industrial HVACR applications. Thermometrics Self-Adhering Surface Temperature Sensors are typically designed for placement on the external wall of a water tank or boiler reservoirs. They are also suitable for reservoir tanks working in conjunction with solar panel water heating systems. This range of adhesive pad sensors detect over-temperature resulting from a malfunction or a dry-fire and have been used in industrial applications for decades with a proven robust quality record in the field.

Pressure sensitive adhesive tapes loaded with ceramic powders provide high thermal conductivity and thus excellent heat transfer
from the heat source to a NTC thermistor while maintaining appropriate levels of dielectric strength. An adhesive lined foam backing tape provides air and moisture resistance with optional WRC (5470) water safety and DIN 4102 part 1 (B3) fire safety approvals.

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  • Excellent heat transfer
  • Long-term stability
  • Multiple adhesive tape sizes and shapes available
  • Various lengths
  • Temperature ranges from -30 to +70 °C.
  • PVC single insulated lead wire, 3x1.5mm cross-sectional profile.
  • Voltage withstand: 750 Vac between the terminals of the connector and the contact tape, for a broadly sinusoidal   wave form at 50 Hz, where the max permissible current is 1 mA.



The sensors are designed to work in predominantly dry environments and are particularly suited for domestic applications where they can be positioned between the water tank and an insulating jacket as shown. The sensors should NOT be used externally where they can be subjected to wind, rain and direct sun. Residual oil on the surface of a metallic tank, resulting from a drawing process, can cause a loss of adhesion. Oil residuals should be cleaned away before the application of the sensor.








Part NumberFoam backing size / mmFull length / mmConnector type
JS4228 45x45, square 700 Molex 5559
JS5698 45x45, square 750 Molex 5559
JS6670 45x45, square 280 Molex 5559
JS6862 45x45, square 650 Molex 5559
JS6744 45x45, square 320 Molex 5559
JS6812 45x45, square 420 Molex 5559
JS5539 30 wide x 70 long, rectangular 125 Molex 5559
JS7289 45 wide x15 long & 15 wide x 15 long, tapered 320 Molex 5559
JS7290 45 wide x15 long & 15 wide x 15 long, tapered 420 Molex 5559
JS7352 45 wide x15 long & 15 wide x 15 long, tapered 160 Molex 5559
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