Appliance Temperature Probe

Mid-Temperature Range Probe

Mid-Temperature Range Probe

This probe works in a variety of temperature applications in the appliance and industrial segment.



  • Wide variety of applications
  • Low price
  • Many mounting options
  • Very broad temperature range
  • Wide variety of materials and resistances available


  • Small home appliances
  • High temperature oven sensors
  • Boilers, coffee makers, gas ovens, autoclaves, etc.


Temperature Range -4°F to 572°F (-20°C to 300°C)
Insulation Resistance >100 MS at 500 VDC
Lead Insulation 1250 VAC for 1 second
Case Stainless steel, brass, nickel-plated copper, ABS, PBV, etc.
Wire Material PVC wire, silicon wire, polytetrafluoroethylene wire, fiberglass insulation wire, etc.

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