NTC Type A990 Series Thermometrics Thermistors

NTC Type A990 Series Thermometrics Thermistors

The NTC Type A990 Interchangeable sub-assemblies consist of matched pairs of small, glass encapsulated thermistor beads which are connected in either series or parallel circuit configurations. These sub-assemblies are available in a variety of styles which enable them to be used in measuring the temperature of liquids or solids or to be encapsulated into larger housings such as hypodermic needles or closed end sheaths.




Type A990B

For insertion into metal housing or close tolerance openings

Type A990C

Fully immersible sub-assembly for use in conductive fluids.

Type A990D

Limited depth immersion or surface contact, for use in measuring the temperature of liquids or solids.

Type A990E

Fully immersible sub-assembly with additional mechanical strain relief, for use in metal housings for liquid immersion or close tolerance openings.

Type A990M

Sub-assembly encapsulated into sharpened hypodermic needle with 3 ft (1 m) extension leads of #28 GA PVC wire. For use in various laboratory temperature measurements.

Type A990P

Standard sub-assembly encapsulated into vinyl catheter tubing with #28 GA PVC wire extension leads, for use in various commercial applications.

Type A990T

Sub-assembly encapsulated into closed end stainless steel sheath with threaded hub. For use in various commercial applications or severe enviroments.


Curve Tolerances

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Resistance vs. Temeprature Characteristics

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Ordering Information

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