Type CSP NTC Temperature Standards

Ultrastable Probe Thermistors

The Type CSP Temperature Standards are ultrastable probe thermistors which have been calibrated to an accuracy of 0.01°C. The standard unit has a thin, conformal coating of silicone rubber over the entire unit; this makes it suitable for immersion in a water bath. They are also available with stainless steel sensor housings, or they can be encapsulated into various sheaths.


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  • Ultrastable
  • Calibrated to 0.01°C accuracy
  • Suitable for liquid immersion
  • Various calibration temperature ranges, lead lengths and coatings available



All units can be supplied with calibrations over different temperature ranges, with longer leads; and with various coatings.


Two types of CSP Thermoprobes are stocked for quick delivery: the CSP60BA252M with a nominal resistance of 2500 ohms @25°C; it is furnished with calibration over the range of 0° to 50°C. The CSP60BT103M has a nominal resistance of 10K ohms @25°C and is furnished with calibration  over the range of 0° to 100°C. The calibration table normally furnished with the CSP60BA252M provides data every 0.25°C between 0° and 50°C. The table furnished with the CSP60BT103M provides data every 0.5°C over the range of 0° to 100°C. Both units are furnished with interpolation equations which are accurate to 0.01°C. Tables with calibration data furnished every 0.01, 0.05 or 0.1°C are also available.




Nominal Curve for CSP60BT103M




ORDERING CODE DESCRIPTION CSP60BA252M Nominal resistance 2500 ohms @ 25°C, calibration table every 0.25°C between 0 and 50°C
CSP60BT103M Nominal resistance 10K ohms @ 25°C, calibration table every 0.5°C between 0 and 100°C
OPTIONS A113 - CSP60B = Standard in vinyl tubing (60°C Maximum Temperature)
A207A - CSP60B = Standard in open tip stainless steel housing.
A733F - CSP60B = Standard in closed end stainless steel housing.
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