NTC Thermistors – Cryogenics


Cryogenic thermistor probes consist of a pressed disc thermistor attached to #27 AWG silver lead wires.


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All Cryogenic Type Thermistor probes are designed for use in the range of 77°F (room temperature) to -320.8°F (the boiling point of Liquid Nitrogen) (25°C to -196°C). These units are very stable, exhibit no hysteresis effects,and rapid temperature cycling from 77°F to -320.8°F (25°C to -196°C) has no measurable effect on electrical, thermal or mechanical properties. These units are well suited for Cryogenic control applications such as liquid level in the 77°F to -320.8°F (25°C to -196°C) range. They may be used at temperatures below the Nitrogen Point with suitable instrumentation.

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