GC Series | Glass Chip

 Amphenol Thermometrics GC Glass Encapsulated NTC Chip Thermistor

Thermometrics GC Series of Glass-Encapsulated NTC Chip Thermistors consists of small glass-encapsulated chip thermistors on fine diameter platinum alloy lead wires. Suitable for temperature measurement, control and compensation applications, as well as self-heated applications, such as liquid level sensing or gas flow measurement.





  • Temperature measurement, control and compensation
  • Self-heated applications, such as liquid level sensing or gas flow measurement


  • Fast thermal response times
  • Unaffected by severe environmental exposures, including nuclear radiation
  • Intermittent operation up to 450°C
  • Improved beta tolerance with respect to glass-encapsulated beads
  • RoHS compliant to 2002/95/CE


GC Thermistor Series: GC11 GC14 GC16
 Body Dimensions  Maximum Diameter 0.012" 0.016" 0.017"
Maximum Length 0.024" 0.032" 0.034"
Lead Wires    Nominal Diameter   0.0012"  
Minimum Lead Length 0.156" for adjacent cut 0.312"  
Lead Material   Platinum Alloy  
Available Cuts  

"K" adjacent
"P" opposite

 Thermal Time Constant  Still Air @ 25°C 0.65 Seconds 1.2 Seconds  
 Plunge into Water 12 Milliseconds 16 Milliseconds  
Dissipation Constant  Still Air @ 25°C 0.07 mW/°C 0.12 Mw/°C  
Still Water @ 25°C   0.60 mW/°C  
Power Rating (In Air)   Maximum Power Rating   0.015 Watts  
100% Maximum Power to:   75°C  
Derated to 0% at:   250°C  


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