Thermometrics Type YQ Series

Radially-wired PTC disc thermistors

Thermometrics Type YQ Series is a range of radially-wired PTC thermistors with green silicone resin coating.

The sensors offer excellent stability and fail-safe operation.


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  • A range of radially-wired PTC disc thermistors with green silicone resin coating
  • Designed for general purpose over-current, overvoltage and direct over-temperature protection
  • Wide range of operating current and voltage levels
  • Excellent stability
  • Fail-safe operation
  • Solid state
  • High performance barium titanate ceramic
  • Suitable for automatic PCB insertion insulated lead wires


Type YQ Specifications

Tolerance on R25 ±25%
Ambient temperature range
  • at maximum voltage 0° to +60°C
  • at zero voltage -25° to +125°C
Lead wire material Tin-coated copper Body coating Green Silicone resin


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