Automotive Temperature Sensors

Automotive Temperature Sensors

Amphenol Advanced Sensors has high volume core products for both engine management (including battery temperature) and HVAC temperature applications for automotive and heavy duty truck applications. These sensors are also used in marine and bike applications. These sensors have been used in automotive applications for decades with a proven robust quality record in the field.



Sensor NameImageDescriptions

HVAC Duct Temperature Sensor

link DAT Thermometric’s duct sensors are OEM solutions for measuring the temperature of air in ventilation ducts. The temperature reading is wired to a control module, where the system compares the temperature reading to a temperature set-point and adjusts outputs accordingly.

Outside Air Temperature Sensor (OAT)

Outside Air Temperature Sensor This sensor measures the temperature outside the passenger compartment and is usually mounted inside or near the front bumper or in the side mirror.

Discharge Air Temperature Sensor

link-dat The Discharge Air Temperature sensor is used to measure the temperature of the air that is emitted from the air ducts.

Evaporator Temperature Sensor

link-evaporator-temperature-sensor The evaporator temperature sensor is used to measure the evaporator core temperature.

Evaporator Core Temperature Sensor

link-evaporator-core-temperature-sensor This sensor measures the Evaporator Core temperature so that it doesn’t freeze over, preventing a costly repair.

Active Incar Temperature Sensor

link-ait An integrated, low-noise fan draws a greater volume of cabin air across the temperature sensor, providing a faster response as compared to traditional passive sensors.
Single Solar Sensor link-single-solar-sensor The single solar sensor is mounted on the IP panel near the front window. It has one photo diode cell inside and is used in the independent type automatic temperature control (ATC) by sensing the amount of light left and right, using angle light activating filters.
Water Temperature Sensor
link-wts The water temperature sensor monitors the temperature of the coolant that is being pumped around the engine block to cool the engine. This sensor’s purpose is to notify the driver of the vehicle if the engine starts to overheat.
Oil Temperature Sensor
link-ots The oil temperature sensor monitors the temperature of the engine oil. This sensor’s purpose is to measure the oil temperature and display this measurement to the vehicle’s occupants.

Cylinder Head Temperature Sensor

link-cht-sensor The cylinder head temperature sensor is designed to take the place of one of the cylinder head bolts on a diesel engine. The sensor’s purpose is to measure the cylinder head temperature and to signal the vehicle’s operator if an engine overheats (that is, if an engine over temperature is taking place).
Transmission Fluid Temperature Sensor
link-tft The Transmission Fluid Temperature sensor measures the temperature of the transmission fluid.
Fuel Temperature Sensor
link-fts The fuel temperature sensor is designed to measure the temperature of the fuel and relay this information to the engine control unit, so that it can optimize the air to fuel mix ratio, depending on what the fuel temperature is with respect to the intake air temperature.
Intake Air Temperature Sensor
link-iat The intake air temperature sensor measures temperature of the air into the engine and reports to the engine control unit (ECU) to accomplish optimal combustion.
Exhaust Gas Recycle Temperature Sensor
link-egr This sensor is made in both a 150°C and a 300°C temperature version. They are used to monitor the temperature at several locations in the diesel engines as part of the engine control strategy.

Battery Pack Temperature Sensor

link-battery-pack-temperature-sensor The ring terminal temperature sensor measures surface temperature.
Motor Coil Temperature Sensor link-motor-coil-temperature-sensor This sensor is used on a starter generator to provide temperature measurement of the motor coil.

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Soot Sensor

link-accusolve The Accusolve Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Soot Sensor utilizes radio frequency technology to enable accurate measurement of accumulated soot in the DPF, providing real-time soot loading data.

Exhaust Gas High Temperature Sensor

link-Exhaust-Gas-High-Temperature-Sensor This high temperature sensor is an exhaust gas temperature sensor used to help control the combustion process.
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