Pipe Clip Surface Temperature Sensor

Thermometrics Integrated Pipe Clip Surface Temperature Sensor JS8741

Thermometrics JS8741 Integrated Pipe Clip Surface Temperature Sensor is a clip-on temperature sensor that monitors the temperature of a fluid or gas that passes through a pipe or tubing circulation system. A system control module receives this temperature reading and uses a control loop to control the overall system temperature. This could be engine temperature, heater temperature, industrial or process supply line temperature, etc.


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  • Quick Mount Spring-Loaded Clip
  • Easy-mount spring clip of galvanized spring steel
  • High sensitivity temperature measurement
  • Compact design
  • Integrated connector with locking mechanism
  • VW75174 Approved Connector System
  • IP57 Ingression Protection Rating


  • Engine Coolant Temperature
  • Battery Pack Coolant Line Temperature
  • Process Flow Management
  • HVAC Water and Refrigeration
  • Home Appliances


Operating Temperature  -40°C to 120°C
Storage Temperature  -40°C to 120°C
R @ 25°C 2.70 kΩ ± 5% @ 25 °C – JS8741A
10.0 kΩ ± 5% @ 25 °C – JS8741B
30.0 kΩ ± 5% @ 25 °C – JS8741C
(Customized resistance versus temperature is possible)
 Beta (25/85)°C  3977 K
 Response Time ~20 seconds mounted on a metallic pipe
 Housing Material Polyamide 6
Color: Grey
 Clip Material Galvanized Steel
Weight 10g
Mating Connector Amphenol FEP - 4F0 973 702
TE Connectivity (TE) 1-1718643-1
Homologations AEC Q200 REV (D) - Pending


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