Dual Solar Sensor - Sensor

Dual Solar Sensor

The dual solar sensor uses two photo diode cells inside of it to measure the intensity of the light that enters into the cabin of the vehicle. It then takes this information and feeds it back to the automatic temperature control (ATC) unit of the vehicle's air conditioning system. The air temperatures of the driver's side and passenger side are then automatically adjusted up or down depending upon the amount of light entering both sides of the vehicle.

The sensor is mounted on the IP panel near the vehicle's front window.

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  • Fast response time
  • Easy to install


  • Dual air conditioner and HVAC systems for automobiles



Elevation Response Elevation 45° ±10° (azimuth 0°)
Output Current (elevation 45°, azimuth 0°, at 1000 lx) ld = 1.7 uA ±15%
Azimuth Angle Ratio (elevation 45°) Azimuth -90° (driver side)
ld = ld/(ld + lp) = 0.7 ±15%, lp = lp/(ld + lp) = 0.3 ±15%
Azimuth 90° (passenger side)
ld = ld/(ld + lp) = 0.3 ±15%, lp = lp/(ld + lp) = 0.7 ±15%



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