Kaye tests the new advanced Kaye Validator AVS at Fedegari Technology Center

Kaye Validator AVS press release 2015 11 16 500wFedegari Technology Center was pleased to host the Kaye team in its R&D laboratory last October for testing sessions with the new Kaye Advanced Validation System (AVS) on Fedegari sterilizers. Process equipment and R&D personnel were available at Fedegari Tech Center to assist in testing the reliability and performances of the new Kaye Validator AVS system. “Compared to the previous equipment, the new generation of Kaye Validators shows a significant evolution: an intuitive technology with easy-to-use features that improve the MMI such as touch screen, Wi-Fi and system connectivity. It is always a pleasure to work with strategic partners like Kaye in our Technology Center. This was a great opportunity for both companies to share our knowledge and combine experiences to enhance innovation”, said Marco Ruggeri, R&D Lab Senior Engineer at Fedegari Group.

According to Monika Knüppel, Marketing Communications Manager at Amphenol Advanced Sensors, the Kaye Validator AVS “is a revolutionary development in wired technology that will carry Validation into the future”.  Building upon the Validator 2000, the AVS improves measurement accuracy, flexibility and speed. Its data management and redundancy enhances data integrity and security. The revolutionary Validation Console provides a dedicated Validation interface with enhanced connectivity (WiFi, Docking), state of the art touch screen interface, improved data management via asset centric concept and improved reporting and analytics.

“Implementing this breakthrough concept was a natural step that Kaye has shared not only with customers, but with competent and well recognized partners in the industry since the very early stage of the R&D progress. Fedegari Group as a long-term strategic partner supported our development by working with us to test the AVS utilizing their sterilization systems in Fedegari  Tech Centers in Sellersville, PA (USA) and Albuzzano, PV (Italy).  Combining Kaye’s measurement expertise with Fedegari’s application and process knowledge was a perfect alignment to stimulate innovation in thermal validation technology”, says Frank Kies, General Manager at Kaye.

More information at: www.kaye-validator-avs.com

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