A leader in temperature sensing products for more than 70 years, Thermometrics, Inc. carries a diverse line of products for industrial and commercial applications.

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Known for their accuracy and reliability, these pressure sensors are state-of-the-art, high performing, and cost-effective.

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Setting the industry standard for nearly
three decades Telaire products are at the forefront of CO2, humidity, and dust sensing technology for residential and commercial air quality applications.

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The first in thermal validation and environmental monitoring, Kaye products play an integral role in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries in managing assets.

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Protimeter Moisture Meters

Since 1952, Protimeter has helped customers root out the moisture they can’t see. An industry leader, Protimeter products are innovative, intuitive, and accurate.

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Improv­ing Your World

Amphenol Advanced Sensors is a leading innovator in advanced sensing technologies and innovative embedded measurement solutions customized for regulatory and industry driven applications, creating value by providing critical information for real-time decisions.



From the automotive to railway and aerospace industries, Amphenol sensor technology helps reduce emissions, drive energy efficiency, and safety for passenger and heavy goods vehicles.



Designed for delivering cutting-edge patient monitoring and care, explore the many applications of Amphenol sensors in medicine.



HVAC, building automation, appliance control, refrigeration, and electronics all benefit from improved efficiency when paired with an Amphenol sensor.


Pharmaceutical Validation

A leader in high accuracy process measurement, Kaye Instruments by Amphenol Advanced Sensors set the standard for thermal validation & reporting.

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NPC-300 | Disposable Medical Pressure Sensor

The NovaSensor NPC-300 is a Disposable Medical Pressure Sensor specifically designed for use in disposable medical applications. The device is calibrated and thermally compensated with a digital I2C output incorporating a signal conditioning integrated circuit.

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Thermal Runaway Detection in Lithium Ion Batteries | By Thermometrics

Thermal Runaway can occur in any Li-ion battery pack application, and in any of these applications, it is important to detect Thermal Runaway as soon as it occurs, regardless of cell size, electrochemistry and/or pack design. One of the more common uses of Li-ion batteries is in Electric Vehicles (xEV).

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Infusion Pump Pressure Sensors | By NovaSensor

Infusion pumps are used to deliver critical fluids, such as medication and nutrients, to a patient’s body. Pressure sensors are often used to monitor backpressure to ensure that the pump is functioning properly to sustain a controlled flow or dosage of fluids to the patient, as well as to detect occlusion in the line.

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Amphenol Advanced Sensors technology not only drives lower emissions and energy efficiency in combustion engines but also is at the forefront of electric vehicle and battery management.

Designed for the vehicles of today -- and tomorrow -- our innovative sensors help drive solutions for our customers. 

Amphenol Advanced Sensors for automotive can be installed for monitoring almost every element of a vehicle, including:

  • Engine management
  • Seats & interior
  • Exhaust systems
  • Tires
  • EV/HEV batteries
  • Transmissions 
  • HVAC
  • Cabin Air Quality


Made to meet the finite demands of patient monitoring and critical care, Amphenol Advanced Sensors for the medical market deliver unmatched performance. 

Marrying state-of-the-art technology with reliability and accuracy, our medical sensors help you evaluate and treat patients with confidence. 

Amphenol’s medical sensor technology brings innovative solutions for:

  • Medical instrumentation
  • Clinical thermometry
  • Drug delivery  
  • Fluid management 
  • Surgical temperature assemblies

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