RoHS Policy


The RoHS directive is a European-derived initiative in which the elimination of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment is the key objective.

The elimination of these substances will contribute to the protection of human health and the environmentally- sound recovery and disposal of waste electrical and electronic equipment.

Current Status
All products designed and manufactured by Amphenol Advanced Sensors have been reviewed, and determined to fall into Category 9 (Monitoring and Control Instruments). Category 9 equipment is currently excluded from the requirements of the RoHS directive until at least 2017.

While Amphenol Advanced Sensors is not required to be RoHS compliant until then, we have begun working towards compliance.

We recognize, however, that some of our sensors will be used by our customers as parts in their systems where these systems need to be compliant. In order to provide the best service to this category of customer we are undertaking a large program to convert most of our sensors to be compliant.

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