New Advanced Validation System from Kaye - Kaye Validator AVS

kaye validator avs 01St.Mary’s PA USA   – April 2015 Amphenol Advanced Sensors’ Kaye products is pleased to launch the new advanced validation System Kaye Validator AVS.

The Kaye Validator AVS (Advanced Validation System) combines accurate sensor measurements with all GMP requirements for calibration and traceability to national standards - not compromising compliance but significantly improving data handling and data management.

With this Kaye is introducing a change to current validation concepts and is lifting validation to the next level. The AVS console will be the common platform for all validation products. The intuitive metro-style user interface guarantees easy data management, dedicated for validation tasks only – so no worries about operating system or conflicts with IT.  The Software is preloaded – with a customized interface for validation equipment, simplifying the validation process.

“With our integrated validation system and improved data management concept, the Kaye Validator AVS saves time and money by simplifying the entire validation process and combines high precise data collection with an easy-to-handle data management platform” says Frank Kies - Global Business Unit Director“. It is backward compatible to the existing Validator 2000, ValProbe and RF ValProbe and therefore a logic and natural step in the 55 years of Kaye product evolution; always focused on solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

The Kaye Validator AVS and its robust industrial design ensures data safety and is offering the highest level for data security and data redundancy. The system has expanded sensor capacity up to 48 inputs with improved sensor connectivity called “quick fix and lock.”

With this new system Kaye is launching several patent pending break-through features turning the page to the next level of Thermal Validation Processes.

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