BLD7714 SM HygroMaster2 and SurveyMaster Dual Kit

Dual Moisture Meter Kits
New! Our most popular moisture meters in one convenient case. You save by buying both meters in one kit!



Protimeter TimberMaster Advanced Moisture Meter
Specifically designed for the timber industry

Thermo-Hygrometer with Psychrometric Calculation
The all new Protimeter HygroMaster 2 is the latest in hand-held hygrometry, featuring a simple to use interface and multi-function capability.


The Protimeter MMS2 is the industry’s most advanced all-in-one moisture meter.

Protimeter MMS2 Flooring Kit
The new Protimeter MMS2 Flooring kit has been developed to meeting the ASTM F2170-11 standard for in situ humidity test in concrete.


Protimeter Surveymaster
This versatile pin and non-invasive meter is ergonomically designed for easy, one-handed operation to measure moisture in buildings and other related structures both on and below the surface.


Protimeter Aquant
The Protimeter Aquant (non-invasive) is the sister product to the Surveymaster and helps you locate moisture quickly in a wide range of materials with a RF measurement system unique to the Protimeter.



Protimeter Digital Mini
The Digital Mini allows building professionals—such as flood damage restoration contractors, surveyors, homebuilders and architects—to assess building moisture levels during new build and refurbishing activities

Mini Handheld

The Protimeter Mini is a compact, general purpose pin type moisture meter used for assessing moisture conditions in buildings.

Telaire 7000 Series
The Telaire 7000 Series hand held monitors feature our patented absorption infrared technology. Accurately measures CO2 and Temperature while calculating real-time ventilation rates.

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