CO2 Gas Sensors


Our Telaire CO2 gas sensor product line boasts over 30 patents related to the design and application of low-cost infrared gas sensing.


CO2 Wall Mount Infrared Gas Sensor

Telaire T8100 NS/NSP Series
The Telaire Series of Ventostat T8100 NS/NSP Wall-Mount CO2 Sensors provide patented, absorption infrared gas sensing with high accuracy in a compact, low cost package.


Ventostat 8000
This series represents a full range of wall mountCO2 and temperature transmitters with display options plus active humidity and temperature outputs.

Telaire T8000-R Series
The new Telaire T8000-R series is a new low cost, high performing CO2 transmitter for the building controls and indoor growers markets.

Telaire T8700 Transmitter

Telaire T8700 Relative Humidity & Temperature Transmitter
This new precision humidity and temperature transmitter for HVAC control applications uses Amphenol Advanced Sensors own ChipCap sensor that has very fast response time and long term stability.

Telaire T5100-LED Series

The new Telaire T5100-LED series is a new low cost, high performing CO2 transmitter for the building controls market.


7000 Series Monitor

7000 Series IAQ Monitors
The Telaire 7000 Series hand held monitors feature our patented absorption infrared technology.

Duct Mount Infrared Gas Sensor

T8041 In Duct Transmitter

T8041 CO2 Duct Mount Transmitter
The Ventostat T8041 is suitable for indoor air quality and energy conservation applications.

Pitot Duct

Ventostat Pitot Duct Mount Controller
The Telaire Ventostat T8300 CO2 sensors are ideally suited for demand controlled ventilation (DCV) in buildings.

Ventostat T8031 CO2 Transmitter
Designed for indoor air quality and energy conservation applications, the T8031 offers accuracy and versatility at an affordable price.

Sensor Modules

Telaire Laser Dust Sensor SM-UART-01L+

new Telaire SM-UART-01L+ Laser Dust Sensor detects dust particle concentration in air by using an optical sensing method. The dust sensor can detect small particles, such as cigarette smoke, and distinguish small particles, such as smoke from large house dust, by the pulse pattern of the signal output.

Telaire VOC Sensor Module

MiCS-VZ-89TE combines state-of-the-art MOS sensor technology with intelligent detection algorithms to monitor tVOCs and CO2 equivalent variations in confined spaces.

SMART Dust Sensor

SM-PWM-01C is a dust sensor that detects the dust particle concentration in air by using optical sensing method.


Miniature CO2Module Series T6700

NDIR CO2 Module designed for applications that require high accuracy in a compact package.


T6613 CO2 Module
A compact CO2 module for use in HVAC applications, the Telaire T6613 offers patented ABC logic technology and a lifetime calibration guarantee.


T6615 CO2 Module
The Telaire T6615 is a dual channel CO2 sensor for use in instumentation and applications up to 50,000 ppm.



Telaire Air Quality Evaluation Board

The AAS-AQS-UNO engineering evaluation board is used to evaluate the Telaire air quality sensors

Telaire Accessory Kit

Telaire Accessories
We offer a number of accessories for the Telaire line, including calibration kits, enclosures, software and cables.

Harsh Environment Transmitters

T3000 Series
Telaire Range of CO2 Sensors for Harsh Environments

The T3000 series is a range of sensors designed to meet the specific needs of customers who require measuring Carbon Dioxide in harsh or difficult environments.

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