Telaire T8002-ACD Series

Ventostat T8002-ACD

Programmable Wall Mount CO2 Transmitters with Relay Output

The Telaire Ventostat T8002-ACD and T8002-ACD-2K are wall mounted sensors that provide CO2 control even when a building management system is not in place, using the relay feature. These two units are designed to be used in specific areas such as indoor growing areas, conference rooms, classrooms, meeting halls, etc. Even though the sensors are designed for wall mount configurations, some sensors can also be configured for "in-duct" mount. For in-duct, the sensor is mounted inside the duct to control an entire air-handling zone.

All wall mount sensors are compatible with accessory enclosures. The Ventostat controller offers a SPDT relay (normally open or closed) and can be custom programmed to a specific measurement and output range using the UIP software interface (T2072) or on-board keypad (display units).


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  • Patented, Absorption Infrared Gas sensing engine provides high accuracy in a compact low cost package
  • Lifetime CO2 calibration guarantee when using ABC Logic™
  • Mounting plate with two-piece terminal blocks provides quick, easy wiring
  • Gas permeable, water resistant CO2 diffusion filter prevents particulate and water contamination of the sensor
  • Programmable relay function
  • Dual simultaneous analog outputs (V & mA) available for CO2
  • Sensors are shipped factory calibrated


  • Buildings that have no building automation system but require CO2 demand control Ventilation
  • Indoor growing applications where the accurate control of CO2 is needed



  • Single Beam Absorption Infrared™
  • Diffusion sample method


Measurement Range

T8002-ACD -2K 0-2000 ppm factory default

T8002-ACD 0-5000 ppm factory default

Adjustable to 10,000 ppm with UIP software kit

Accuracy ±100 ppm or 7% whichever is greater
Elevation (Pressure) Correction Add 0.13% of reading per mm Hg decrease from 760 mm Hg (On-board correction, user set with UIP software)
Response Time 0-90%  
Warm-Up Time @ 25oC  
Operating Conditions 15 – 32°C (60-90°F)
0 – 95% RH, non-condensing
Storage Temperature -40 – 70°C
Agency Certification FCC Part 15 Class B, CE, California Energy Commission


Power 18-30 VAC RMS, 50/60 Hz – half-wave rectified
18-42 VDC polarity protected
1.75 VA maximum average power
2.75 VA peak power
Analog Output (Simultaneous) 0-10 VDC (100 Ohms output impedance)
4-20 mA (RLmax = 500 Ohms)
Relay Output Normally Open and Normally Closed (wire either way), gold bifurcated, 2A max. @ 24VAC. Adjustable setpoint, factory set at 1000 ppm, 50 ppm hysteresis
Wiring 18-28 AWG stranded copper wire only. 2 wires each for power, analog output, relay
Digital I/O RS-232 interface for use with optional PC software and cable in UIP kit 2072


Warranty 18 months parts and labor

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