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One of the most comprehensive ranges of products in the world today are offered in the category of measurement and sensing products driven by temperature technologies. These include high temperature thermistors, gauge drivers, sensors, and elements. Amphenol Advanced Sensors provides solutions to temperature sensing challenges faced by the various industry segments - such as medical, automotive, and telecommunications - across the globe.

Transportation Overview

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Integrated Pipe Clip Surface Temperature Sensor JS8741

new Integrated Pipe Clip Surface Temperature Sensor 
Clip-on temperature sensor that monitors the temperature of a fluid or gas that passes through a pipe or tubing circulation system.

Motor Coil Temperature Sensor
Provides temperature measurement of the motor coil to detect increases in current that could lead to failures, as well as to monitor temperature of motor windings to warn of over-temperature conditions.

new Coolant Temperature Sensors
Monitor the temperature the coolant that is being pumped around the battery to cool the battery module of EV/PHEVs.

new Engine Temperature Sensors (ETS)
Monitor the temperature of the coolant, oil, or fuel being used in an engine.

new Inline Flow-Through Temperature Sensors
Monitor the temperature of a fluid that passes through it.

Automotive Temperature Sensors
Sensors for for both engine management (including battery temperature) and HVAC temperature applications for automotive and heavy duty truck applications.

Duct Temperature Sensor
The Duct Temperature Sensor indicates the ambient temperature of the automatic air conditioner system in the passenger car.

E-stat Controller
The E-stat controller is used to prevent the evaporator core from freezing.

Ambient Sensor
This sensor measures the temperature outside the passenger compartment and is usually mounted inside or near the front bumper.

Duct Sensor
This sensor measures the temperature inside the air duct of air conditioner systems.

Oil Pressure Switch
The oil pressure switch monitors the engine oil flow when the engine starts.

Dual Solar Sensor
The dual solar sensor uses two photo diode cells inside of it to measure the intensity of the light that enters into the cabin of a vehicle.

Air Quality Sensor

This sensor monitors the air coming into a vehicle.

Active In Car Sensor
This sensor indicates the cabin temperature of the fully automated temperature control system in a passenger car.

Single Solar Sensor
The single solar sensor uses outside sunlight coming into the vehicle to help control the vehicle’s HVAC system.

HVAC Refrigerant Temperature Sensor GE-1920
The refrigeration temperature sensor measures the refrigerant temperature both at the high pressure side and at the low pressure side of the line.

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