The goal of Kaye LabWatch LT is to detect environmental excursions the moment they occur and notify the appropriate personnel for corrective response.

Four Levels of Alarms
Programmable delay function to prevent false alarming.

Real-time Alarm History Access
Easy access to view and acknowledge active alarms 
with alarm category feature.

Configurable Call List with Scheduler
Flexibility in defining notification priority and method 
of contact via email or phone.


A broad range of reporting capabilities to analyze 
and document alarm events and actions.

Daily Reports
Summarize the hourly average, maximum and minimum 
values of selected sensors over a 24-hour period.

Historical Alarm Reports
Provide historical alarm reports from daily, encrypted files.

Mean Kinetic Temp (MKT) Reports
The MKT calculation produces a single value that 
characterizes the effect of fluctuating temperature on 
long-term product storage.

Single Tag Alarm
Detailed history of all alarm events on one single tag 
within a user-defined timeframe.

Calibration Report
Enables comprehensive documentation on the system 
sensor calibration status.