NovaSensor NPC-410 Series

Medium Pressure Sensors

The NPC-410 Series of solid state pressure sensors are designed to provide a cost effective solution for applications that require long-term stability and high volume. Packaged in a dual in-line configuration, the NPC-410 Series is intended for printed circuit board mounting. Optional pressure port and lead configurations give superior flexibility in low profile applications where pressure connection orientation is critical.

The NPC-410 Series is based on NovaSensor’s advanced SenStable® piezoresistive sensing technology. The latest techniques in silicon micromachining have been used to ion implant piezoresistive strain gages into a Wheatstone bridge configuration, which is integrally formed on a micromachined diaphragm. Constant current or constant voltage can be used for sensor excitation. Offset and sensitivity temperature compensation and calibration can be achieved by adding external resistors. Additionally, the NPC-410 series is available in pressure ranges from 0 psi to 5 psi (0 bar to 0.34 bar) through 0 psi to 100 psi (0 bar to 7 bar). Please contact NovaSensor for other pressure ranges.