NovaSensor P330W

Absolute Pressure Sensor 1F

NovaSensor P330W Absolute Pressure Sensor is a Piezoresistive (PRT) Pressure Die, offering the same superior stability and sensitivity as in larger die, but in an extremely small footprint, making it ideal for invasive applications where small size is critical. Additionally, it has excellent measurement accuracy, which also makes it ideal for demanding applications with restricted dimensional profiles, such as medical catheters and IC packages.

P330W employs NovaSensor’s proprietary SenStable® processing technology, providing excellent long-term stability and repeatability.

When excited with a DC voltage source, P330W produces a mV output that is proportional to the applied pressure. P330W employs a half-bridge design, which requires two external resistors to complete a full bridge configuration. Additional components may be added to calibrate the output of the sensor.