Glass-Encapsulated NTC Thermistor with Metallurgical Bond - Type GE


Thermometrics Series of Glass-Encapsulated NTC Thermistors offer our proven NTC thermistors in a DO-35 diode style glass-encapsulated package. The glass body provides a hermetic seal, voltage isolation and excellent stability over a wide temperature range. They are designed for accurate temperature measurement in various applications, including automotive, telecom, industrial, pharmaceutical, food, chemical and white goods.


Metallurgical Bond

What sets Type GE apart, not only from the rest of our Glass DO-35 Series, but also from the competition, is the metallurgical bond between the lead wires and NTC thermistor element. This bond creates an electrical and physical connection between the two, thus ensuring:

  • Increased robustness against intermittent and open circuit failures.
  • Resistance to severe vibration and thermal shock.
  • Capability to withstand higher energy impulses, such as those encountered in ultrasonic welding processes.


  • Metallurgical bond between lead wires and NTC thermistor element for improved reliability and performance
  • Rugged glass body for voltage insulation and excellent stability
  • Resistant to corrosive atmospheres and harsh environments
  • Operating Range: -58°F to 400°F (-50°C to 204°C), expandable to 300°C with optional nickel leads
  • Time Constant: 7 seconds
  • Standard Resistance Tolerance: ±10% @ 77°F (25°C)
  • RoHS and REACH Compliant



  • Automotive: Temperature sensing for fluids, air and battery, engine and transmission components
  • Industrial: Temperature sensing for boilers, water heaters, HVAC, chemicals, food and batteries
  • Home Appliances: Temperature sensing for appliances, such as rice cookers, ranges, ovens and coffee makers