PTC Heaters for Angle of Attack Vane De-Icing


PTC Thermistors can be used in Aerospace applications as heaters for Angle of Attack Sensors to prevent ice formation during flight. The PTC self-regulates its temperature and minimizes the power consumption when the vane is not in an icing condition, which improves the reliability of the vane assembly.


Features & Benefits

  • Self-regulating properties - Power will adjust to prevailing conditions with ~10x variation in output
  • Temperature on the ground is relatively cool ~ 150°C compared to >500°C for wire-wound products
  • 10+ years of proven higher reliability than wire-wound products
  • Special shapes to suit customer’s vane design
  • Available for 115V 400Hz and 28V dc
  • Switch temperature of 115°C to 135°C with additional capabilities outside this range
  • Sub-assemblies can be produced