EMI-Protected Ring Terminal Temperature Sensors


Newly developed by Amphenol Themometrics, Inc., the JRI Range of EMI-Protected Ring Terminal Sensors consists of an NTC chip thermistor mounted in an eyelet tag for surface temperature measurement with a novel RF de-coupling function. These sensors are designed with an integrated bypass capacitor to prevent AC currents, generated from resonant EMI coupled with the wiring harness, from causing nuisance self-heating of the NTC element.



  • Suitable for surface temperature measurement
  • Integrated EMI noise immunity
  • EMI-protected upgrade for existing applications
  • Reduced system cost by eliminating shielded cables and replacing twisted-pair wiring
  • Eyelets to fit M3-M10 screw sizes
  • Various lead lengths



  • EV/HEV bus bars
  • Battery covers
  • Power distribution
  • Thermal management
  • Heat sinks
  • Panel enclosures

 Ordering Information:

Part No. Capacitance R25 and Tolerance
JRI-10NF-103R1 10nF 10KΩ ± 1%
JRI-100NF-103R2 100nF 10KΩ ± 2%