Telaire T8700

Relative Humidity & Temperature Transmitter

Telaire T8700 Relative Humidity & Temperature Transmitter is a precision humidity and temperature transmitter for HVAC control applications that uses Amphenol Advanced Sensors own ChipCap Sensor, allowing for quick and simple field replacement, negating the need to replace or return the complete transmitter for recalibration. The transmitter has an accuracy of +/- 2.5% and has standard analog outputs that are all user selectable. They include 0-5 v, 0-10v, and 4-20mA. Temperature measurements can be made by the active signal conditioned output, as well as the standard passive 10K Type II thermistor.

The T8700 relative humidity transmitter is available in two sizes to suit the European and US markets, as well as display and non-display options. All models are easy to install, through a two-piece enclosure and simple terminal blocks.