Thermometrics Sensor Assemblies

Type ma - Biomedical Chip Thermistors

Thermometrics Type MA Biomedical Chip Thermistor Assemblies are designed for use in applications involving both intermittent and continuous patient temperature monitoring. Repeatability and fast response are essential, not only for the intermittent temperature requirements associated with oral and rectal fever measurements, but also for the continuous monitoring often necessary during induced-hypothermia and general anesthesia, or when employed in the care of infants and premature babies. Intensive care units, along with recovery rooms, have also adopted patient temperature as part of their vital sign monitoring procedures. Temperature monitoring for skin surface, tympanic, esophageal, foley catheters, and biofeedback applications has also improved due to the high stability and tight interchangeable tolerances designed into each Thermometrics’ Biomedical Sensor Assembly.

Within our Type MA line of NTC Thermistors, we offer a complete line of standard sub-assemblies. Continuous research and development efforts within Thermometrics have resulted not only in these field-proven designs, but in the development of our Unitherm Thermochip Thermistor, designed exclusively for biomedical applications in the range of 32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C).

Although low in cost, these highly stable, precision thermochips provide the reliability, tight interchangeable tolerances, geometries, and fast response times that are often required in medical applications.

Thermometrics employs experienced applications engineers who welcome inquiries, whether for assistance, or to help with your design requirements concerning new and existing applications.