Thermometrics NTC Thermistors

Glass FP Series - Fastip Probe

Thermometrics FP Series of Glass-Coated Fastip Probe NTC Thermistors consists of small diameter glass-coated thermistor beads hermetically sealed at the tips of shock resistant glass rods. The small bead thermistor has a very thin glass coating which allows for relatively flat frequency response for flow applications. As much of the bead as possible is exposed at the tip of the glass rod to provide the fastest response times. The units are rugged and unaffected by severe environmental exposures, including high density nuclear radiation. The FP Series of Fastip Thermoprobes are ideally suited for high speed measurement and control of fluid temperatures, fluid levels or flow. They offer the ease of handling associated with large glass probe thermistors, as well as ultra-fast response times of small glass-coated bead thermistors. These units exhibit relatively flat response to flow input from 200 Hz to 1000 Hz.