EV Charger Temperature Sensor


Driven by the increased production of electric vehicles (EV) and plug-in hybrids (PHEV), the EV charger station market – particularly for Level 3 EV fast charger stations and super charging units – is expanding rapidly. This will support growing infrastructure for everyday individuals, with additional volume driven by:

  • Rental fleets
  • Public transportation
  • Delivery vehicles

To increase efficiency, many xEV applications are moving toward increasing levels of DC voltage, with HVOR applications as high as 1.2kV DC. This creates challenges for measuring critical temperatures of DC switching circuits and connections. 

Amphenol is introducing a novel use of our ZTP infrared thermopile to meet IEC 60664 requirements with high accuracy and fast response for non-contact temperature measurement of FETS, busbars, and connections. 

Multiple areas of EV charging stations will require temperature sensor technology, providing opportunity for infrared sensors for non-contact (Type ZTP) and embedded NTC products (JS or JRI) where surface measurement is applicable. 

Amphenol Product Types

  • Product prefix: ZTP -- non-contact IR, analog & digital, hermetically sealed TO package.
  • Radial leaded NTC
  • Ring terminal
  • Surface mounting
  • Customizable finished product
  • Reliable monitoring


EV charger handle station


Ordering information

Amphenol Sensors can be custom designed to meet the exact specifications and demands of application. Speak with one of our engineers today about your sensor technology needs. 


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