Refrigerant/ AC Coolant Temperature Sensor

Thermometrics automotive Refrigerant/ AC Coolant Temperature Sensor measures the refrigerant temperature both at the high-pressure side and low-pressure side in an air-conditioning (A/C) system. This automotive coolant temperature sensor is used to detect the operating temperature of the A/C system to determine operating conditions and potential system failures.

refrigerantcoolant temperature sensor


  • Operating temperature range: -40°C~ 140°C
  • USCAR 1.2mm sealed connection system
  • M12x1.5-6g thread, Zn plated steel body
  • Existing field-proven design
  • High accuracy and long term stability
  • Design for compact space applications
  • Extremely fast response
  • Compliance with RoHS
  • Alternate RvT curves available per request
  • Alternate housing & O-Ring material available for different media compatibility



  • Automotive HVAC Refrigerant Temperature
  • Battery coolant temperature
  • Engine coolant temperature
  • Transmission oil temperature
  • Industrial temperature monitor


Ordering information

Part Number 

Resistance @ 25°C
CTTS-303629-F01 2.828KΩ±1.3%

Amphenol electric vehicle sensors can be custom designed to meet the exact specifications and demands of application.

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