Thermal Management Resource Center 

With electric vehicles of all types starting to dominate roadways, new sensor technology is already playing a critical role in keeping EVs functioning at peak performance & safe.

Among the most important elements to continuously monitor is an EV’s battery thermal management system. Failure to adequately maintain the system can result in one of the most damaging battery thermal events: thermal runaway.

What is thermal runaway?

Often triggered by a short circuit, overcharging, or other cell stress, thermal runaway occurs when a lithium-ion battery becomes overheated. If not mitigated, can spread to the rest of the EV battery pack, causing other cells to overheat and decompose. As the battery thermal event takes hold and cells break down, the runaway causes the release of flammable gases.

Our revolutionary sensor technology allows for Thermal Runaway Management by monitoring for gases released at the onset of thermal runaway. 

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Thermal Management Resources 

Check out our resources on thermal runaway management, prevention, and mitigation, and how our Hydrogen sensor technology can be integrated into EV battery pack design. 


Visit our EV/HEV Resource Hub to learn about how Amphenol Sensors are made for easy integration into EV/HEV design and made to provide accurate and real-time measurements across a variety of metrics.

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