Predictive Thermometry


Predictive Thermometry is a highly accurate, repeatable, and fast-responding method of temperature reading for patients of all age groups in a clinical setting.

While traditional glass bulb thermometers take approximately 3 minutes to reach equilibrium with a patient’s body temperature, a predictive thermometer quickly analyzes temperature data gathered from an NTC thermistor to provide an accurate reading in just 4 to 10 seconds.

Amphenol Advanced Sensors plays an important role in this application by providing highly accurate and robust assemblies using NTC thermistor technology for temperature measurement.


How do we help?

From the Amphenol Advanced Sensors family, Thermometrics, Inc. carries an extensive line of interchangeable NTC chip thermistors, including Types 65, MA, and SC. These NTC thermistors are designed in small packages for a rapid response while maintaining superior accuracy. In addition, these NTC thermistors can be incorporated into customer-specific designs to provide a robust construction and ensuring long life in harsh clinical environments. This combination allows the thermometer to deliver timely diagnostic information by achieving an accurate body temperature reading in just seconds.


What makes us better?

In addition to our catalog offerings, Amphenol Advanced Sensors prides itself in our ability to customize a unique solution for each customer. Our attention to thermodynamic properties in the assembly design is critical for matching a customer’s measurement protocol. Whether providing an NTC thermistor, sub-assembly, or fully-completed device, our team is ready to partner with you.