Pressure Sensors for Catheters


When small is not small enough, look to NovaSensor’s line of MEMS pressure sensor die for the perfect fit in your medical catheter application. With products ranging in size, pressure range, and ease of integration, we have the sensor solution you are looking for. Along with in-house wafer fabrication, NovaSensor possesses the technical knowledge and manufacturing infrastructure to design, build, test and modify sensors right within our own facilities.

NovaSensor offers the smallest and best performing catheter die solutions and capabilities in the industry. With ultra-small MEMS pressure die comes ultra-small handling and assembly challenges, which is why NovaSensor offers evaluation kits and die with wire sub-assemblies. This takes the manufacturing difficulty out, making it easier to connect to the die, bringing the output signal to a standard usable form.

Catheter Applications:

  • Cardiovascular
  • Urinary
  • Intracranial
  • Urological/Rectal
  • Ablation


Pressure Die Capabilities:

  • Custom design die per customer application
  • Solder bumps for ease of solderability
  • Wire attachments for ease of assembly
  • Eval Kits for ease of testing

NovaSensor MEMS Catheter Pressure Die Products

Parameter Units








P330B / P330F

Size (L x W x T) µm 1150 x 725 x 180 900 x 330 x 180 800 x 240 x 90 900 x 330 x 120
Circuit   Two piezoresistors (half-bridge). Need to add two resistors to complete the bridge
Excitation V 1…6 DC, 10V DC maximum
Pressure Range mmHg 0-300 differential 450-1050 absolute 450-1050 absolute 450-1050 absolute
Bridge resistance1 Ohm 800 3200 2000 2000
Sensitivity1 µV/V/mmHg 18 10 8 15 / 6
Nonlinearity* mmHg <1 <1 <1 <1
Offset at 1 bar1 mV/V 1 9 within ±3 within ±3
TC Offset µV/V/C ±40 ±30 ±20 ±20
TC Sensitivity1 %/C –0.12 –0.2 –0.2 –0.2
TC Resistance1 %/C 0.12 0.10 0.13 0.13
Operating temp.2 C 15…45
Proof pressure mmHg 2000 2700 3000 3000 / 30000
Wire connection   Wire bonding (WB) Soldering (solder bumps on die)
Samples   Available Available Available Available
Product status   Released Released In development Released

All products have gold metallization.

  1. Typical value.
  2. Range can be extended after additional validation.


NovaSensor Sub-Assemblies and Eval Kits

Part No. Description  
EP330W-3FT P330B with 3 feet of trifilar wire novasensor-p330w


EP330W-6FT P330B with 6 feet of trifilar wire
P330W-EVAL-D3 Digital Eval Kit using P330B die
P330W-EVAL-A3 Analog Eval Kit using P330B die