REDCAN Hydrogen Sensor

Relative Humidity, Temperature, Pressure, & Hydrogen Concentration

REDCAN thermal runaway sensor

A combination sensor capable of providing up to four measurements, the REDCAN sensor monitors:

  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Pressure 
  • Hydrogen concentration

These measurements are designed for the detection of a battery thermal runaway event within an EV battery pack as soon as the signs are present. Boasting unique technology designed into the sensor to provide unsurpassed accuracy in the marketplace.


  • High accuracy temperature, pressure, hydrogen, and humidity sensing elements
  • CAN2.0B Communication per J1939
  • Rugged design incorporates sensing elements with demonstrated reliability


  • Power battery banks
  • EV battery packs  



Take A DeEper Dive into Thermal Runaway Prevention with Sensor Technology

Visit our Thermal Runaway Resource Center to learn more about thermal runaway management and the necessary sensor detection technology. 

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